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If this word is new to you, think “gelatine,” because that’s probably where zalatina gets its name. If you’re British, you could also think, “brawn,” because that’s the closest culinary relative the dish has.

Suppose you wanted to make your own zalatina; here’s how you would go about it. First, you need to get hold of a pig’s head (without the brains – you won’t need those) and a couple of pig’s trotters. So that’s the start, the head and feet of a pig. Wash the head, stick it in a bucket or some equally useful container and soak it in warm water. Now wash it again. (A pig’s head can never be too clean).

Find a pot large enough to hold the head and trotters, cover them with cold water and set it to boil. While the water is coming to the boil, add about a teaspoonful of black peppercorns. Cover the pot and keep it just on the boil for at least two hours, or until the meat comes away easily from the bones; by now the stock should have reduced to half the original volume of water.

Remove the pot from the heat and strain the stock into a nice clean pan. Now add some red wine vinegar – measure the amount of stock you have and the amount of vinegar you want is about one third of the stock volume. Add the juice of two whole juicy lemons ( not straight from the fridge; lemons yield more juice when they’re at room temperature than when they’re cold). Remove all the meat from the head and feet, chop it up, and also chop the ears and the tongue.

Put the meat in a bowl with half a dozen finely chopped hot chillies, pour over just enough stock to completely cover the meat but no more, add a sprig of rosemary and leave to cool. (That will take the time it takes; these things can’t be rushed). When it cools, the stock will have solidified into jelly.

Congratulations! Okay, it took a lot of time and a lot of effort, you were left with some large pots to wash, and you have to get rid of an awful lot of bones that will have the neighbours looking oddly at you, but you made your own zalatina. You might well be the only person to do that in your town this year. Or even this century.

There’s another way, of course. You can buy your zalatina from us and save yourself an awful lot of trouble as well as getting out of the washing up and avoiding the neighbours’ enquiring looks. You’ll find zalatina distinctly moreish. And if you serve it to friends at a dinner party, and they want to know how you made this authentic Cyprus starter – well, just repeat the instructions above and tell them that’s what you did. Who is to now?

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