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Easter cheese is dealt with elsewhere in this online store and, as described there, Easter cheese, Cyprus style, is in fact a sort of bread (though it does have cheese in it) with raisins and a sesame seed and egg topping. It’s there as a celebratory bread, but Easter cheese is not the only special bread Cyprus has! Tsoureki is a rich bread very like a brioche, available at any time but particularly popular at Christmas, New Year, and Easter.

We start with a mixture of flour, milk, eggs, yeast and a little sugar and then add butter. Quite a lot of butter, if we’re being honest. The butter isn’t added till the dough has been needed and then we stretch the dough, brush it with melted butter, fold, stretch again, add more melted butter, and keep doing that until all the butter has been swallowed up by the dough. What you have at the end of that is a pliable dough that stretches to form strands; it’s moist, soft, fluffy – and yet it’s also chewy. And (did we mention this?) it’s quite delicious.

Eat it for breakfast. Eat it in the afternoon with a cup of tea (you’ll never want a teacake again. Never). Eat it whenever you feel like something sweet, nourishing, and warming to the spirit as well as the body.

At Easter, it can be served with red painted Easter eggs; red is for the blood of Christ, and red rosebuds can be on the plate. Though the origins are lost in the mists of time, it’s probably for the same reason that the bread has often been flavoured at Easter time with the juice of the wild cherry that grows in the eastern Mediterranean. There’s also a vanilla-flavoured tsoureki that has become popular in recent years.

The Christmas version is often served with figs soaked in wine, and with oranges, and on Christmas Eve it’s traditional to serve it with honey. (Isn’t it strange how widespread that tradition of nuts and fruit at Christmas has become? Christmas cake, Christmas puddings – and, until recently, the only time most British homes would see figs, and put out bowls of nuts, would be at Christmas. And what about candied fruits? Sometimes, we lose the sense of where the tradition came from, but the tradition itself remains.

And at New Year, Cyprus often has a special cake, like a Christmas cake in idea but not in substance because – it’s a tsoureki.

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