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The intriguing name comes from adding the Italian word for salad (insalata) to the Greek word for fish roe (taramo), and that’s what taramasalata is: a dish made from the cured and salted roe of cod, grey mullet or carp mixed with olive oil and lemon juice and given a carbo base that may be either bread or potatoes – or it can even be almonds. Garlic, spring onions, and peppers are sometimes added, though in our view those should be left as options to the person who is going to eat the dish to add as the fancy takes them.

It’s usually eaten as a meze, with raw vegetables or bread to dip into it, but it can also be a dip for those same things at other times – during a drinks party, for example. Clean Monday is the first day of Lent, which in eastern Christianity is an important fasting season – it isn’t about giving up chocolates for a month, but a way of preparing for the church year’s greatest feast: Easter, and on Clean Monday it’s traditional in Greece and Cyprus that taramasalata should be eaten, but we don’t restrict the dish to that time. It’s far too good to be so limited.

Whatever country you live in, you’ll find taramasalata on supermarket shelves. You may have tried some. If so, you may well have been disappointed, because there has been a huge increase in the mass manufacture of taramasalata and what you’re liable to get is a soft, pink blob that remind you of blancmange and has been filled with artificial colourings and chemicals to imitate taste and give the product a very long life. In such ways are the great taste sensations lost. That’s not how food manufacture in Cyprus works.

We do have manufacturing companies, but none like the great European and American combines – we’re just not a big enough island – but we have also held on to the tradition of the agricultural, fishing and food co-operative where production is on a small scale in limited batches and what people come together for is packaging, marketing and distribution.

Which is why, if you want to experience taramasalata in the way your grandparents may have done in journeys to Greece and the eastern Mediterranean fifty, sixty or more years ago, you need to buy it from us. Modernity is great – but there is still a lot to be said for the old food made in the old places in the old ways.

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