Smoked Bacon

smoked bacon

Smoked Bacon

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You don’t have to be one or the other – a bacon person or a smoked bacon person. Here at KoNiEle, we like both – some for one occasion and some for another. It’s time to extract bacon from that old “bacon and eggs” formula – yes, bacon is good with eggs, but it’s great in other ways, too. Including on its own. Get some today.

If there’s a more seductive scent than the smell of bacon in a pan as the heat gets to work on it, we haven’t found it yet. There are vegetarians who will tell you that the one thing they find hardest of all to resist is the smell of someone preparing a bacon sandwich. The bread of your choice – rye, sourdough, whole meal or what you will – toasted or not as the fancy takes you and spread thinly with mustard and more thickly with mayonnaise. Lay the fried or grilled bacon on one piece, add slices of tomato sprinkled lightly with salt and more liberally with black pepper, place the other slice on top. Press down and cut in two. If that doesn’t give you a foretaste of Heaven, we don’t know what would.

But there are other things, too, that you can do with smoked bacon. Of course, everyone knows that a cheesburger is even more delicious with a slice of bacon on top. (And healthier if you forget about the bun – just a thought). And have you ever stuffed a tray of peppers with cheese, only to find that the filling has run out of the peppers and all over the baking tray while they were in the oven? No more! Wrap a piece of bacon round each pepper after filling and before baking and you’ll find they emerge from the oven intact – and three times as delicious because of the addition of that wonderful bacon taste. As if that were not enough, you’ve turned an appetiser into a meal.

Like scallops? Try this. Wrap each one in a piece of bacon, with a toothpick to hold the bacon in place. Sprinkle with a little olive oil, add some black pepper (salt is not a good idea because both the bacon and the scallops will bring that salt tang with them) and grill for maybe ten minutes, turning once. If you want to turn this tasty dish into something that will have your guests saying, “Wow!” and talking about you, the master chef, for the next six months, serve each bacon-wrapped scallop on a crisp lettuce leaf with a little mayo (spice up the mayo for extra zing), and some sliced avocado. A treat for the Gods!

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