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Throughout Northern Europe, including the UK, as well as North America, they have a standard way of eating which is summed up by a well-tried British expression “meat and three veg” to describe the set form of the main meal where everything centres on a single piece of meat or fish.

It can come as a surprise to realise that most of the world doesn’t eat that way; that, so far as there can be said to be a global style of eating, it’s the way the Spanish eat tapas and the Lebanese eat almost everything: a wide range of dishes of every imaginable kind are spread out on the table and you eat a little of this, a little of that, and then a little of…

That’s the way meals are eaten in Cyprus, once you get away from all those high street and beach front restaurants that cater mostly for tourists who come here for the sun. Seek out the little back street places prized by the locals and you’ll find that the eastern Mediterranean tradition from which Lebanese food grew is still in full swing. (You didn’t imagine “Lebanese” food began in Lebanon, did you? No, no…)

Give the Cyprus waiter his head and you’ll find smallish plates of all sorts of meat, fish, and dips spread across your table. Olives, too, of course. And bread. Salads – onions, pickles, tomatoes (if you’re from northern Europe, you’ll be envious of our red, sun-ripened tomatoes that are nothing like those things you see in a northern supermarket, struggling to ripen themselves in a chill cabinet).

But there’s sometimes a drawback. The drawback is sheftalia. And the reason it’s a drawback is that, once you’ve tasted one of these, you want more. And more. And…

And so the variety before you pales as you ask for more sheftalia. Because that really is the most moreish, addictive taste you can possibly imagine.

So what is this habit-forming Cypriot delicacy? It’s a sausage. But not just any sausage. It’s filled with a mixture of ground pork, seasonings, chopped onion and parsley that are wrapped not in a skin but in the caul fat, or membrane, from around a pig’s stomach. Although you don’t eat that part, because when the sausage has been grilled (ideally over charcoal) for 20 to 30 minutes, the fat has been burned away to leave a little shrivelled skin, which you discard.

If you want to experience that taste that calls to Cypriots everywhere in the world like the breath of home, sheftalia are for you. And here they are.

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