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Loukoumi. Kourabiedes. And now pourekia. You may be thinking, what is this thing the Cypriots have with icing sugar? Well, we do like to dust things with it; Cyprus Delight, shortbread – and cheese pastries. Because that’s what pourekia is – a light pastry case with anari cheese inside, and icing sugar outside. Because this is Cyprus, there’ll be cinnamon in the pastry and cinnamon and rosewater in the filling. Use them for party food, use them in meze, eat one (or two, or three, or…these are not large pies, you understand) with a cup of tea or thick, Cyprus coffee. (If you haven’t already figured this out, the thick coffee that in Turkey is known as Turkish Coffee is known in Greece as Greek Coffee and in Cyprus as Cyprus Coffee. Whatever you call it, it tastes good and it goes well with pastries like pourekia. Also, of course, with smoking a hookah. But pourekia are far better for you).

Party food – if you’re planning a buffet, let us tell you the sort of thing we’d expect to set before our guests in Cyprus. We’d start with something savoury – a village salad and a Greek salad to begin with, the difference being…well, in fact you’d be hard pressed to detect a difference between a village salad and a Greek salad, with the possible exception of the fact that a Greek salad probably includes mint and a village salad in all likelihood does not, while a village salad certainly contains lettuce and may also contain cabbage, while a Greek salad contains neither of those things. But the feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, olives and onion – gotta have those. Then there’d be fish, baked in the oven with a dill sauce or oregano and tomatoes. Potatoes, baked with onion and cinnamon. Also jacket potatoes, with a plentiful supply of tzatziki to dollop on top. Pork chops. Breast of chicken marinated in yoghurt and oregano. Pork skewers. Lahmacun (lots of lahmacun). Ravioli filled with halloumi. Sheftalia. Dolmades. Pickled quail eggs. Black olives and green olives and pita bread. Meatballs.

And then the sweeter things. Pastitsi. Hazelnut loukoumi, almond loukoumi Kourampiedes. Pistatsio. And POUREKIA!

To drink? Listen, this is Cyprus, so you’re going to need wine and probably beer, and water – lots of water. Coffee, of course. But you’ll also need rose squash and portokolada squash and lemon squash.

Isn’t it a good job you found our site?

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