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Olive Pomace Oil

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the first cold pressing of the olives. It’s the perfect way to get that rich olive flavour. And often you want that – but sometimes you don’t. Sometimes, you want something milder – mild enough that the taste doesn’t overpower a relatively mild dish. What you want then is olive pomace oil, extracted using solvents from the olive pulp left after the first pressing. Then the solvents are removed. It’s still all olive – but altogether milder. Which, sometimes, is what you want.

Some nonsense is talked about olive pomace oil, and usually it’s because the people talking it haven’t taken the time to understand the subject. Let’s look at some of the things people say.

“It isn’t really olive oil.” Oh, yes, it is. Olive pomace oil is made from olives and nothing else. When extra virgin olive oil is made, the olives are ground into a paste, and then the paste is either squeezed or spun to expel oil. (Not “the” oil, as some will tell you, as though cold pressing olive paste extracted all the oil in the olives; just “oil.” Some of the oil. There’s still plenty left in the squeezed paste (which is called “pomace” – that’s where olive pomace oil gets its name. Olive pomace is what’s left after the first oil has been extracted from the olives. It isn’t olives plus some other ingredient; it’s olives. Nothing else).

“I don’t want to use an oil that’s been extracted using solvents.” Well, okay, that’s your choice and your right. Better not use any of those vegetable oils you see on the supermarket shelves, then, because they’ve been extracted using solvents too. Vegetable oil, soya bean oil, rapeseed oil – all of them are obtained using the same solvents as are used to make olive pomace oil. An awful lot of sunflower oil is extracted with solvents, too.

“It isn’t as healthy as extra virgin oil.” I beg your pardon? One of the reasons why people who eat a Mediterranean diet are so healthy is that the olive oil they cook in is high in monounsaturated fats. That’s ALL olive oil. Including olive pomace oil. (Buy olive pomace oil from Cyprus and there won’t be any GMOs in it, either. And no gluten).

“It doesn’t have the same taste as extra virgin olive oil.” That’s right, it doesn’t – if by “the same taste” you mean, “the same strong taste.” And that’s really the reason why you need two olive oils: extra virgin for salad dressing and when you want to drizzle some onto a meal after it’s been cooked, and olive pomace oil for frying in and basting with. If you’re going to cook sea bass or chicken breasts in oil, you really don’t want to use extra virgin olive oil, because you’ll completely overpower the food’s natural flavour.

Olive pomace oil – when you want the benefits of an oil that contains nothing but the health-giving oil, but you still want the full taste of whatever it is you’re cooking in it.

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