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There’s an old American vaudeville song about the man who goes into a diner with only 15 cents to his name. He scans the menu; the only thing 15 cents will buy him is a single meat ball. So that’s what he orders. Imagine his embarrassment when the waiter shouts out, “One meat ball, one meat ball? Hey, this here gent wants one meat ball,” so he tries to cover his embarrassment with, “Some bread, sir, if you please.”

That attempt to save face achieves nothing – in fact, it makes things worse:

“The waiter hollered down the hall,

You gets no bread with one meat ball.”

A sad, sad story – but, quite apart from the fact that Cyprus hospitality means we would never treat anyone like that, no matter how down and out, our meatballs are in a different class from what that poor man would have had placed before him.

To you they’re meatballs, to us they’re keftedes, to anyone they’re delicious. They’re made from a mixture of minced pork and minced beef with grated raw potato as well as cinnamon and mint; they’re fried in sunflower oil or olive oil (your choice). Fry them to the point where they’re a little dark and crispy on the outside. And we’re not talking here about a thin layer of oil on the bottom of the pan – it’s not exactly deep frying, but you do want the oil about half way up the sides of the meatballs. Before you add the meatballs, make sure the oil is hot enough by dropping a small piece into it – the meat should start sizzling immediately and go brown quickly.

They don’t need a sauce – just a squeeze of lemon juice before you get stuck into them.  (Having said which, a little tahini, if you happen to have it, will never go amiss). And serve them with salad. And chips, if you feel like it. (Try frying the chips in the oil you cooked the meatballs in; if you do, you’ll never want them any other way). Serve the chips with yoghurt. (Greek yoghurt, it goes without saying). But make sure the keftedes take centre stage, because that’s the only place they deserve to be. On the other hand…

They go very nicely with stuffed vine leaves, or with macaroni. If you come in late one evening and you notice some in the fridge, they’ll make a lovely snack. You can eat them hot and you can eat them cold. In fact, yesterday’s leftover meatballs served cold today in a good crusty bread is a picnic fit for a king.

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