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If you like to chew gum, but you’d prefer a product that is both natural and organic and not something made of chemicals in a huge factory somewhere, what you need is mastiha.

We start with a mastic from Pistacia lentiscus, commonly known as the Mastic Tree. This resin is known to Greeks as “the tears of Chios,” Chios being an island famous for its production and the mastic, like all natural sap, coming out of the tree in droplets shaped like tears.

Collecting the sap is done in much the same way as Canadians collect maple syrup – the point is not to kill the tree but to keep it alive, with a number of incisions, or cuts, being made in the bark every few days during the four month period each year when the sap is rising.

Chewing gum is a pleasure, but in the case of mastiha that isn’t all it is. The ancient Greeks used it as a remedy for a snake’s bite, and it has long been regarded as a good medicine. In the first century A.D., a book De Materia Medica by Pedanius Dioscorides praised the mastic for its ability to heal, while Hippocrates said that it was excellent for the digestion and a cure for colds; Galenus appears to have endorsed that when he recommended it in cases of bronchitis and also said that it improved the condition of a patient’s blood. Inmodern times, a number of studies have found that it contains antioxidants and is good against bacteria and fungal infections. It was at one time used to treat peptic ulcers and has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels. An oil extracted from the mastic is used in many ointments formulated to cure disorders of the skin and it has been used in making adhesive bandages.

Powerful assets in something you may have thought of only as a kind of chewing gum! And that’s not all! Ottoman rulers gave it to the occupants of their harems to keep the breath fresh when the Sultan came calling – and it was so valued for that purpose that, when the Ottomans ruled Chios, the penalty for stealing the mastic was execution. Not only that, but in 1822, when Greeks on Chios were being slaughtered in their tens of thousands during the Greek War of Independence, the people who collected the resin and made gum from it were spared by the Sultan so that the sweet breath of the ladies of the harem could continue.

Those days are over – but you can still enjoy the health-giving benefits and sweet breath conveyed by mastiha, the natural and organic chewing gum.

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