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If you’ve looked around this website, you’ve probably already reached this conclusion, but we’ll say it anyway: in Cyprus, we love sweet things. And one of the sweet things we love is mahalepi. It’s a dessert, it’s served cold and please don’t ever describe it as a blancmange because, while blancmange was once a fine dish that arrived in Europe from Arabia at the same time as rice and almonds, blancmange as known today in northern Europe would make any proper dessert lover shudder.

Mahalepi is made from rosewater and rose petals. Or it’s a cream flavoured by orange blossom. It is, in other words, a name that’s been attached to a variety of things and moved a little way from where it started – because, in its original incarnation, the fruit at the heart of mahalepi would have been the cherry. To be specific, a spice ground from the kernel of the seed of Prunus mahaleb, the Mahaleb cherry or St Lucia cherry. Mahaleb is also used in cakes, and it’s used sparingly because there’s a sharpness to it – think marzipan to get a feel for the particular zing it adds.

The earliest known recipe calling for mahleb is from ancient Sumeria and was written down some time around 3,200 BC – but nothing was written down before then because writing hadn’t been invented, so there’s every likelihood that the spice was in use earlier than that. Greeks use it in cake and pastries served at Christmas time; Arabs bake it into scones; in Egypt they make it into a paste with sesame seeds, nuts and honey – but this is Cyprus and, as we say, in Cyprus we love sweet things.

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