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Everyone knows macaroni – or thinks they do. The Cyprus way with macaroni is something else, and something we just have to eat during feast days like Easter when we bake it in the oven with minced meet and topped with halloumi cheese. (We call that pastitsio). If you believe you know macaroni, but you’ve never tried it the Cypriot way, here’s your chance to give your taste buds a treat.

Cyprus Macaroni uses flour from the durum wheat that was developed in the Near East 9,000 years ago and makes the hardest flour anywhere in the world. It’s high in protein, low in gluten and you’ll find it in couscous, in pilaffs – and our macaroni.

The traditional Cyprus way was to make pasta village by village, using nothing but flour, a little salt, water and – sometimes, but by no means everywhere – some olive oil. In our grandparents’ time, a connoisseur could tell which village had produced a pasta, simply by tasting it.

Cyprus macaroni with grated anari cheese is a super main course – but try it, too, as a side dish with “stifados” or any well-sauced dish or stew. If you want to follow the Cypriot tradition, cook it in chicken broth (it’s no disgrace to cheat slightly and use a good stock cube, but if you recently cooked a chicken, a turkey or a goose and have the carcass available to produce a thick stock then you’ll be moving into a different dimension of paradise) and serve it with maybe some sliced or diced chicken.

Other variations: grate some halloumi over it; add some mint – but, whatever you do, don’t skimp on the lemon juice, which will give you an entirely new take on macaroni. Oh, yes – and rabbit or octopus are two things with which macaroni goes to perfection.

Is that it? By no means! If you like lasagne, here’s your chance to try something completely “similar – but different.” Leave out the tomatoes, but try minced beef with onions, a little salt, a touch of cinnamon (yes, really – try it and you’ll see), and flat-leafed parsley. That’s for the meat layer or layers. Build it up in layers – macaroni, meat layer, macaroni, meat layer – to the depth you’re looking for, and top with eggs and cornflour and just a little milk (evaporated milk is the favourite in Cyprus for this dish); just as there are none of the traditional lasagne’s tomatoes in the meat layers, so there’s none of the traditional lasagne’s cheese in the topping.

Try it once. We guarantee you’ll try it again. And again.

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