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You may know this as Turkish Delight; in Greece it’s Greek Delight, and in Cyprus we prefer Cyprus Delight. There are all kinds of stories about where it comes from and who first made it; as so often happens, those stories tend to be made up for commercial practices. There are claims that a version of it was being made in Persia as early as 800 A.D. but, try as we will, we can’t stand that story up. In the case of Loukoumi all we know for sure is that the name comes from the Arabic luqma, which means “morsel.”

And, actually, that’s not all we know for sure, because we also know that it’s quite delicious and one of the most enjoyable confections you can buy anywhere.

In some places, it’s eaten with coffee. The most common flavourings are rosewater, citrus and bergamot, but it can also be flavoured with almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and hazelnuts. (We’ve even heard of a company set up in New Zealand by emigrants from these parts who add liquorice to loukoumi, liquorice being the sweet flavour that Kiwis seem to like most of all, but perhaps that’s a case of the less said, the better. Must be all those earthquakes). It was the seductive, addictive qualities of Loukoumi that ensnared Edmund Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia.

Norwegian artist Susanne Sundfør released a song about it; Dutch author Jan Wolkers wrote a novel about it; Wright and Forrest wrote a musical, Kismet, in which Lalume, wife of the Wazir, seduces Hajj the poet with it; Dorothy L Sayers included it in a Lord Peter Wimsey novel; isn’t it time you experienced it, too?

There are consumers in Britain, America, and some other countries who think they won’t like loukoumi because they’ve eaten something called “Turkish Delight” wrapped in chocolate by chocolate makers in their own country and they didn’t like it. We don’t blame them for not liking it; we’ve tasted that stuff and we didn’t like it, either.

Too much sugar and not enough taste, not enough genuine sweetness. But we know the real thing. Which, in an odd sort of way, is sad for us and great news for you because we can never again have that wonderful moment of eating our very first genuine loukoumi – but that’s still a delight that’s available for you. And you’ll find out why the only PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) granted by the EU for a product of this sort is the one given to – Cyprus!

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