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What are they? They’re savoury meat doughnuts. A falafel with meat, if you like – a sort of croquette made with bulgur wheat. And the reason we’re struggling to find a good set of English words to provide a description is that koupe are a Cypriot dish and they’re not really like anything else. (Though you may have heard of something similar being served in other eastern Mediterranean countries as well as in Arabia called kibbeh. And there’s a clue there, because that word in Arabic simply means “ball”).

We can look at keftedes and say, “Well, they’re meatballs. Not the kind of meatballs you think of when someone says, “meatballs,” but that’s what they are. Meatballs. And we can look at sheftalia and say, “Well, they’re spiced sausages. Not exactly like chorizo and in fact they’re a lot better (in our opinion) than chorizo, but if you’ve tasted chorizo then you have some idea about what’s going to appear on your plate.” But koupe? No, they’re not really like anything else you may have eaten, so that first description is going to have to do. Savoury meat doughnuts. That’s what’s on offer here.

But not, you understand, the kind of doughnut that has a hole in the middle.

They’re made with fine bulgur wheat and flour flavoured with salt, pepper and cinnamon. That’s the outside. The filling comprises minced pork, very finely chopped onion, flat leaved parsley and mint (quite a lot of mint, as it happens), some more cinnamon and other spices, more salt and pepper and some pine nuts.

All of that, of course, takes place before we pack them and you get them. So what we need to do now is to tell you what to do when you open the packaging.

The best way to cook your koupe  is to deep fry them in an oil of your choice, which should be good and hot before you put the koupe in, one at a time, roll them a little and, when they’re golden brown, take them out with a slotted spoon and put them to dry on paper towel while you fry the next one.

You can serve them as one of a number of meze dishes (make sure there’s lemon around for people to squeeze over them). They make a nice snack – on their own or, even better, with a simple salad and maybe a few chips and a little yoghurt.

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