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If you’re looking for a traditional Cyprus delicacy with its roots way back in history and a thriving present-day popularity, look no further – Kefalotyri fits the bill precisely. It’s a hard, somewhat salty (think provolone) cheese made with sheep’s milk, goat’s milk, or a mixture of both. Kefalotyri has a history ancient enough that agricultural historians believe it was probably the ancestor for all other hard Greek and Cypriot cheeses.

You can add it to pasta dishes (it lends itself as well to grating as parmesan does), or you can serve it with meze, but to really get the traditional Cyprus flavour, try it in saganaki.

Saganaki may sound Japanese, but it’s totally Greek and Greek Cypriot. It’s also quick and easy to make and delicious to eat as an appetizer (eat it with crusty bread and a squeeze of lemon). Here’s what you do.

Slice a piece of cheese big enough not to melt in the pan – a minimum of 1½ cm thick, and as long as will meet your needs. Wash in running water and then dredge in flour – any general purpose flour would do or, if you have it, use cornflower. Shake off excess flour; it’s there to make a lovely gold crust but also to keep the shape of the cheese while it’s being cooked. Put a little oil onto the base of a heavy bottomed pan; when the oil is heated through, fry the cheese for a few minutes on each side – what you’re looking for as you do this is the right sort of mouth-watering golden colour.

The saganaki is ready to serve! Don’t forget the squeeze of lemon, or the crusty bread!

Saganaki and Kefalotyri are such a natural match that it’s easy to imagine that, any time you find yourself in possession of a piece of kefalotyri, you should be reaching for the heavy duty pan. Not so! We’ve already mentioned the grating capacity that makes it a perfect topping for pastas and pizzas as well as stews and cooked vegetables – but don’t ignore the cheese board. Kefalotyri just as it is has a taste reminiscent of a slightly tangier gruyere, and it goes well after a meal – especially if you serve it with grapes, pears, figs or some similar fruit. We’ve also seen it served to great effect with spicy Cyprus sausages, and in a variety of salads.

Kefalotyri: a cheese that deserves to be a lot better known than it is. Get some here – today!

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