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Victor Hugo said, “Life is the flower for which love is the honey.” Why do people call the one they love, “Honey”? You know why! It’s pure, natural sunshine, collected by bees and bottled by us to be enjoyed by…you! Sweet, safe (a sealed pot opened after thousands of years was as pure and untouched as the day some early housekeeper tucked it away in the storeroom) and wholly delicious. Don’t just spread it on toast – bake with it, glaze meat with it; use it anywhere you might otherwise use sugar.

People have been collecting honey for a very long time. We know that because there’s a cave painting in Valencia, in Spain, that shows two figures using ropes to reach a wild bees’ nest and carrying gourds with them to carry away the honeycomb and honey. Tombs in Georgia going back more than 5,000 years have found honey in jars that were buried with people to go with them into the next life – and the people of that time were clearly connoisseurs, because they sent their loved ones off with a variety of honey flavours including lime, various berries, and the kind of flowers you find in meadows.

In the Middle East, they used honey to embalm the dead, and beekeeping became so popular in the Greece of 2,700 years ago that a law was passed governing the minimum distance that must be left between one person’s hives and someone else’s. And as for China – the Chinese were writing about how to keep bees, and even what sort of wood was best for the quality of the honey made by the bees that lived in it, so long ago the dating of the documents is lost in the mists of time.

So honey comes from all over the world? It does. But who makes the best honey? If we’re telling you about it on this website, you can guess the answer – but we’re going to tell you, anyway. A contest was staged in the Ukraine. 25 countries entered. 112 samples of honey were submitted for blind tasting by an international judging panel. And the winner? Cyprus honey. Of course.

So, if you want honey and you want to be sure the honey you buy is simply the best in the world, don’t take our word for it – but get it here. Cyprus honey. It’s been made for thousands of years, and it’s still the best you can get.

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