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You can get into a lot of discussion about where the “hamburger” name came from, and who sold the first one, and to be perfectly frank we find those discussions both tedious and pointless. Mostly, they’re really promotional activities with various manufacturers of what Americans call a “patty” and Europeans generally call a “burger” trying to prove that “we were the first.”

No-one is ever going to prove that to the satisfaction of an unbiased third party. The only thing we will say is that it does seem to have been shown as very likely – despite all the stories of rumbustious German sailors naming it after themselves – that the hamburger is named for the Hamburg in New York State and not the one in Germany.

Be all that as it may, there can’t be much argument about the fact that the hamburger can be a noble thing and that too often nowadays what is served under the hamburger name is a sad imitation of what a hamburger should be. When you pass a place where burgers are being cooked, the results should be an instant olfactory lift and an unbidden thought: “I want one.”

The meat should be high quality, it should be free of chemicals designed to make it last for ever, and it should contain just the right amount of fat – a hamburger should not be fat-free, because ea great deal of the flavour of beef (and it’s just the same with lamb and pork) is contained in the fat – but nor should it be so loaded with the stuff that it puts the eater in danger of cardiac arrest.

When it’s been cooked – and it can be fried, but grilling is best and grilling over charcoal is bestest – you add what you like to add. Sliced tomato, seasoned with black pepper and salt. A pickled gherkin, if that’s for you. A slice of onion. A lettuce leaf. Cheese and bacon should be cooked on the grill, if they’re what you want. Mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup as the fancy takes you – get rid of the idea that there are right and wrong ways to put a hamburger together; it really is a question of “Build your own, the way you like it.”

Oh – and the bun? The bun is so that you can hold the whole thing in your hand, either because you’re at a sporting event or on a picnic and you have no table to set it down on. If you’re seated at a table, with access to a knife and fork, you don’t need the bun.

What you do need is the best quality beef formed into the best possible shape to be cooked for the best possible eating. You can stop looking – you’ve found them.

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