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If your first response to “gyros” is – “I never heard of them” – you have! You know them by a different name and, almost certainly, a lower quality. The word you may know is “doner”; in Greek, we say “gyros,” which means “turn.” Because turn is what they do – they’re cooked on a vertical rotisserie. The “s,” by the way, doesn’t mean plural – this is Greek, and a single gyros is still a gyros.

People have been grilling meat on skewers in the Eastern Mediterranean for thousands of years. The change came as recently as the nineteenth century, with the idea that they could be cooked as well standing up as they could when down. We stack the meat vertically, cook it, and then slice it off ready to be eaten in sandwiches. The ideal bread for this is a pitta, and before eating you slather the inside of the pitta* with mustard and either mayo or tzatziki. Add sliced sweet onions, sliced tomato, and anything else that takes your fancy and you have a sandwich to be eaten while watching a football game, sitting on a bench overlooking the river, or just in your own kitchen while you meditate on the meaning of life. (It isn’t really 42, no matter what Douglas Adams may have told you in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy).

*Notice, we said, “the inside of the pitta.” And that is because, to so many people outside Cyprus and Greece, a pitta is a bread that you slice open to reveal a pocket, and it’s the pocket that you fill to make the sandwich. Please don’t imagine that that’s the only kind of pitta you can get! A pocketless pitta is what you’re probably used to calling a “wrap,” and gyros in a wrap like that are probably even better than gyros in the pocket of a pitta. Think of them as being like a Middle Eastern shawarma or a Mexican taco (and there are people who will tell you that the gyros was the inspiration for both of those). Now think about what else you may have tasted in a wrap, and set your imagination to work to decide what else can go in there to show the wonderful taste of the gyros meat to perfection. Want to put some lemon in that mayo? How about serving tzatziki on the side of the plate as well as in the wrap, so that the sandwich can be dipped in it? It’s difficult to get too much tzatziki.

One thing we promise you; when you’ve tried our gyros meat, you’ll think about those chip shop doners and you’ll realize that you just moved into a completely new league.

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