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Green Olives

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The history of Cyprus recedes into the mists of time. (Did you know that Cleopatra sent two of her sons to rule here?) And the olive was here every step of the way, the oldest cultivated tree in the world, farmed by humans before they invented writing – so old, it gave its name to the goddess Athena and she gave hers to the city of Athens. Steeped in history – and still here, today, for you. Why would you buy any other?

What is amazing about green olives is that a fruit that has lived alongside humankind for so long, and been such a good servant to us, is so neglected. Yes, neglected. What do YOU use them for? To put out in a little saucer when you serve aperitifs? That’s a great use for green olives, but by no means the only one – in fact, it’s a tiny fraction of the fruit’s usefulness. Here are some other things you might want to try.

Fry them! Yes, you’re still going to serve them with pre-dinner drinks, but first toss them in breadcrumbs and then fry them and your guests will go away after dinner to tell all their friends about the treat thye just had – and what an innovative cook you are.

Fougasse. It’s a crusty bread of the sort they bake in Provence, and as a crusty bread it’s pretty good, but it’s the olive and herb topping that raise it into the ecstasy-inducing class.

Chicken, olive and lemon tagine. You’ll also want some coriander leaves and ginger, and you’ll find this Moroccan dish tasty and enticing – it screams out for just one more helping. Wonderful!

Transform any meaty fish with a sauce of capers and olives. Or add anchovies, make a paste from all three ingredients and spread it on any fairly mild-flavoured fish.

Make a sauce of tomatoes, garlic and lemon juice (with any other additions you think a tomato sauce deserves). Shred some beef and cook it in a little olive oil with capers, a sliced sweet red pepper and chopped green olives. Serve with rice. Is the sun shining? You could be in Cuba!

Ever been to New Orleans? If so, you may have come across Muffuletta. It’s a sandwich in which you put a layer of ham, cold chicken, cold pork or some other meat – and then a layer of olive salad – and then a layer of cheese. (And then, if you’re really hungry – three more layers. Though, for most of us, that may be going just a little too far).

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