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Gourmet Lountza

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We have smoked lountza on a separate page; this is what we said about it:

If you don’t know lountza, it’s fresh pork fillet (what Americans would call tenderloin, and one of the better cuts from this wonderful animal of which no part is wasted – the Chinese say they eat every part of the pig except the squeal – but loin is best of all). We smoke it with coriander seeds for three weeks. Oh, boy! Eat it as it is with salads, cheese and other meat or stuff thin slices with halloumi, tomatoes, zucchini, aubergine and garlic and bake in the oven.

You’ll find similar dishes in every part of the Mediterranean that isn’t prevented for religious reasons from eating pork, but it’s here in Cyprus that it reaches its apotheosis. A lountza sandwich is our favourite fast food, but you need to know that it’s at its best in a pita with grilled or halloumi and ripe tomato. Yes, you can enjoy it between two slices of bread, but the true Cypriot experience comes as the juices soak into the pita. (Be sure to wear a napkin. Or a shirt that’s seen better days).

So what is gourmet lountza? It differs from smoked lountza in a number of ways. First, before we smoke it, we macerate it for two weeks in red wine, coriander seeds and a number of other herbs. Then it goes through the same three week smoking process as smoked lountza, and then we give it more time to age. Ageing lountza brings out the taste even more and you get a meat that’s a little firmer. And even more delicious.

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