Gourmet Bacon

gourmet bacon

Gourmet Bacon

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We love bacon. Don’t you? The smell of it, the sound of it as it sizzles in the pan – and the taste! Bacon has turned a lot of people away from the vegetarian path. But if all bacon is good, what is gourmet bacon? What is it that makes that stand out? We’ll tell you.

First, there’s where it comes from. You’ve heard that expression, “living high on the hog;” it means “living the life of Riley,” (who on earth was Riley?) “living like a king,” and other similar expressions. The idea was that rich people ate the cuts from above the belly – like the loin, which is the archetypal “high on the hog” cut, and the poor ate from lower down, like the trotters and pork belly. (It has to be said that pork belly is delicious – but it does need to be slow cooked for a few hours). And what is known as streaky bacon comes from the belly, while “back bacon” is part loin, part belly – but, for our gourmet bacon, we begin with prime meat from the top of the loin. Then we soak it in wine and herbs.

And all you have to do is eat it. Which will be no hardship, because this is probably the best tasting bacon you ever encountered.

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