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If you see what we wrote about vine leaves, you’ll know how to make dolmades after buying just the leaves – the word “dolmade” means “stuffed,” and stuffed vine leaves is what dolmades are. As well as offering you vine leaves to make your own, we also offer the finished article so you can have stuffed vine leaves even if you’re not too sure about stuffing them yourself.

Right; you’ve got your dolmades – now what are you going to serve them with? Well, perhaps it’s better to say what, among Greek and Cypriot food, you wouldn’t serve them with. In our opinion, you would not serve dolmades with stuffed vegetables or cabbage rolls, because the stuffings are too similar. That leaves an awful lot of good things that will go very nicely with dolmades. First, a full scale Greek salad, and that means: tomatoes, cucumber, olives and feta.

The tomatoes need to be as ripe and red as possible, so don’t even attempt this in northern Europe unless either (a) it’s high summer or (b) you have your own greenhouse and you can guarantee the ripest degree of ripeness. Sweet red onion is also a good idea, but – and we realise that here we’re going against the opinion of some very well-established cookery writers – lettuce is out of place in a Greek salad. And that’s ANY lettuce. Green pepper? Well, if you must – but only if you must. Herbwise, oregano is a must, and the fresh kind is infinitely better than dried. Dill and mint if you like – nothing else. Dress it with red wine vinegar and olive oil and you’re good to go.

Other things that go well with dolmades include: roast potatoes infused with lemon juice; moussaka; taramosalata; pastitsio; grilled fish; fried calamari – but you’ll have guessed by now that this depends to a large extent on what’s in the dolmades. If they’re vegetarian, they’ll be great with the fish or with a lamb or pork dish, but if they’re well stuffed with minced beef, minced lamb, minced pork or a mixture of two or more of those, common sense says to be careful what you mix them with.

As for a sauce to serve with dolmades, tzatziki would do the trick. If you don’t have any, add some chopped cucumber, garlic and mint to Greek yoghurt and you’ll have something close enough to make you feel as though you’re enjoying your meal in a vine-hung garden sheltered from the sun with a glass of something close to hand and someone close by who you really like to be near. What could be more agreeable?

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