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Black Olives

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Are you a green olive person or a black olive person? For many, it’s simply a matter of choice – some like this one, and some that. We feel that the most important fact about olives is sometimes forgotten – it’s a fruit! So, green or black, what you want is freshness, juiciness, and taste. You can have them all! And here they are.

But, seriously – is there a difference? Well, yes, there is: green olives are picked before they’re ripe and black olives are ripe when they’re picked. Oh, so green olives aren’t ripe yet? Doesn’t that mean we should stick with the black kind? Well, no, it doesn’t. You’re getting a different taste, but not a superior taste. Black or green, you’re going to be getting much the same nutrition. Black olives have about 25% more calories than green, if calories are something you worry about, but the calories are in the fact and most of the fat in either colour is the super-healthy polyunsaturated type. There’s no cholesterol there, and no trans fats.

A freshly picked, raw green olive is too bitter to eat. But, then, so is a freshly picked, raw black olive. Whatever colour they are, all olives are cured for several months, either in brine or by being packed in salt. When the curing process is over, a green olive will be firmer and denser than a black olive (that’s why it’s green olives that are chosen to be stuffed with garlic or pimento), and the green olives will be that little bit more bitter.

Black olives are as effective as green olives in salads, and if you want to try something that will give a real Cyprus flavour to your table, try bringing together feta cheese, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and olives. You’ll need a dressing, of course; your favourite vinaigrette will do just fine, but if you want to try something different then go for this rather special dressing: chop two cloves of roasted garlic, mix with olive oil and lemon juice in the ratio 1:2, and add salt and freshly ground black pepper. Then put your salad on pieces of pita bread and drizzle the roasted garlic salad over it.

Black olives are also the right ones to use in a tapenade. Chop them finely with capers and work them over with a pestle and mortar while slowly adding olive oil till you have a fine paste. Add whatever herbs you like as well as garlic, anchovies, lemon juice and (for the finest tapenade) a little brandy. You can eat it as is on slices of toast  as an appetizer, but a little in a fish pie or similar dish will turn an ordinary meal into one fit for the Gods.

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