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Anari Cheese

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High in protein and low in fat, Anari is a great, healthy addition to anyone’s diet. Ricotta in style and made from goat’s or sheep’s milk, Anari is a soft, quite mild and creamy cheese, wonderful at breakfast with jam or honey and delicious as a pastry filling – BUT, when it’s been salted and dried, and is too hard to cut with a knife, it makes a wonderful alternative to parmesan for grating over pasta.

Anari I made from the whey drained off as halloumi is made. (Waste not, want not – the farmer’s way down the ages). Fresh, dried – it’s two different cheeses in one. Until recently it hasn’t been popular outside Cyprus, but that’s because no-one knew about it except when they came here on holiday and it was served to them, and we have set out to change that.

How would it have been served to them? Let us count the ways. As a fresh cheese at breakfast, with carob syrup, with honey, or with jam (quince jelly from Cyprus, if you have it; otherwise marmalade goes beautifully with anari cheese. (Add some chopped walnuts for a wonderfully luxurious finish). Mint is a good addition, too; mint grows everywhere in Cyprus – we love the stuff. It also makes a wonderful filling for sweet pastries, including the traditional Cypriot pourekia, or anari pies.

Maple syrup is a good addition to anari, and if you’re going that way then go all the way and have it with pancakes.

Or, as a hard, dry, grated cheese, sprinkle it on pasta, put it in ravioli, or – and it can be sensational this way – on potatoes parboiled, sliced and then fried. And then as comfort food – and everyone needs comfort food at some point – try this. Boil a chicken. (Yes – boil it. Trust us. And if there aren’t a lot of you, it needn’t be a whole chicken; we find that chicken thighs have that much more flavour and respond well to this recipe, but chicken breasts would also be good). Add just a little salt to the broth you now have, cook some pasta in it. Chop or grate the chicken – at any rate, get it into small pieces – add it to the pasta, squeeze lots of lemon juice over it and then add the grated hard anari. We promise you – whatever it was that meant you needed a little comfort, things will look a lot better when you’re sitting outside this dish. It’s a Cypriot standby.

Anari cheese. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you have a big treat in store.

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