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Zivania is the moonshine of Cyprus, still distilled at home by villagers in the mountains, with a less potent but plenty strong variety regulated by the government available in supermarkets. It is a pomace brandy combining the leftover grape skins and residue (pomace) from winemaking with local dry wines made from Xynisteri and Mavro grapes. Alcohol content is typically 45% but can go as high as 99%. It’s usually enjoyed as an ice-cold shot, often with appetizers of almonds or walnuts, soujouko (a local sweet), and slices of cured meat.

Zivania has been produced in Cyprus since the time the Republic of Venice ruled the island, around the end of the 15th century. In addition to drinking it cold, Cypriots have been inspired by the purity of zivania (it contains no sugars and has no acidity) to use it to treat wounds, massage sore body parts, remedy colds and toothaches, and warm up in the cold months of winter, when the villagers of the Troodos mountains drink it hot. Some villages in Cyprus used to add cinnamon to zivania, giving it a nice red color and enhancing its subtle flavor and aroma of raisins.

As zivania ages its flavor and aroma grow stronger. Aged zivania was valued highly and kept for special occasions or to welcome visitors. Even nowadays in some villages in Cyprus, locals welcome visitors with zivania served with dried nuts, Turkish delight, soutzoukos, or small appetizers such as Cypriot loukanikolountza, and tsamarella.

Small producers have kept zivania alive through the centuries by preserving its special recipe out of respect for previous generations. It has managed to overcome various obstacles of legislation and taxation, and as a most characteristic Cyprus tradition, will probably continue for centuries more.

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