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Cyprus produces a lot of grapes. More than a quarter of a million tonnes, which is quite a haul from what is, let’s be frank, quite a small island. The gods have been kind to our grape growers; we get rain at the right time of year and not when we don’t want it; the soil lends itself to the culture of grapes; and, of course, the sun – Cyprus sun makes Cyprus grapes some of the sweetest in the world, just loaded with ripe fruitiness and the mineral tang that marks out the really special grapes from the rest.

And, for many people, that’s enough. They want the grapes just as they are, and that’s how they get them – as heavenly sweet grapes. We also make a lot of grape juice. But, for others, grapes only really come into their own when they’ve been fermented. We Cypriots are good at that, too.

In population, Cyprus is the 155th largest country in the world. In land area, it’s 157th. As a wine producing country, it’s 37th – and if that isn’t punching above your weight, we don’t know what would be!

Wine making in Cyprus goes back at least 6,000 years, and it may be longer. Were they any good? Listen: the very first international wine competition there is any trace of was organised in the 13th century by Philip Augustus – the King of France – and wines from Cyprus won! Now, if you know the French, just ask yourself: to beat the challenge of French wines in a French competition organised by a French king on French soil – just how good do you have to be? Completely outstanding would be our estimate.

If you come to Cyprus, be sure to visit the Cyprus Wine Museum. It’s on a site where wine is known to have been made as far back as 3500 BC. It’s near Sotira, a prehistoric settlement that’s also worth visiting and a place where truly ancient remains of grape seeds have been found. Also nearby is  Kolossi Castle, a medieval castle or “Commanderie” of the Knights Hospitaller, which is why the wine that was first made by them was (and is) called Commandaria Wine. You’ll see prehistoric jars, medieval pots, old documents and all the paraphernalia of wine making through the millennia.

And, until you can make that visit, you can still enjoy Cyprus’s very special wines. Get them here.

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