Rose Squash

rose squash

Rose Squash

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The sun is out. The sky is blue. It’s time for Cyprus’s own special cordial – Rose Squash. Made from the petals of roses; add cold water (if you like, you can try it with milk!) in a chilled glass (or maybe add some ice cubes), and you have a drink that’s both very tasty and very refreshing. You won’t believe it till you taste it – and when you do, you’ll never want anything else.

Everyone knows the rose. It’s grown all over the world, and it appears in literature and art almost as often as it does in gardens. They’re mentioned in the Song of Solomon; Emily Bronte said love was like the wild rose; Scottish poet Robbie Burns said, “My love is like a red, red rose.” (And when Bob Dylan was asked where he found his greatest artistic inspiration, Burns was the person he named).

The name “rose” comes to us through the Romans and the Greeks who got it from old Persia and, if you keep tracing, you come to wandering Parthian minstrel poets – and perhaps beyond. So, the rose has been with us a long time.

It’s grown because it looks lovely and smells wonderful. But is that all? Just a sweet-smelling flower for cutting? A token of your love and esteem?

In fact, that is far from all the rose gives us. Of course, they’re at the heart of many well-known perfumes; they are also food. Rose hips are loaded with Vitamin C; a syrup made from them has been fed to babies and young children for generations. The hips are also turned into jams and jellies, and an oil used in cosmetics. In Middle Eastern cuisine (Persian, especially), rose water flavours sweets – baklava, halva, nougat and many others. The English make rose creams, a fondant flavoured with roses that they encase in chocolate. Rose petals can be candied or used to flavour tea, and can become the tea itself.

In India, roses flavour ice creams and kulfi (which you might like to think of as a particularly Indian ice cream).

The Indians also love our speciality. Squash. They call it Rooh Afza; we call it Rose Squash. They serve it more often than not with cold milk and ice; our customers mostly prefer it with cold water, with or without ice, as a refreshing summer drink that goes beautifully with a game of tennis but is equally delicious and thirst-quenching when you’re doing nothing more strenuous than resting in a deck chair with a book and a straw hat to keep the sun off.

If you’ve never tried rose squash, you have a treat in store!

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