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Among the most revered flowers in the world, roses are not only beautiful, they are also widely used – as a signal of romantic intent, and, as rodonero, or rose water, in food and drinks and beauty products, and for religious purposes. The ancient Greeks, Romans, and Phoenicians considered large public rose gardens to be as much of a community asset as orchards and wheat fields.

Rose water is steam-distilled from rose petals. In Cyprus, our version of mahaleb uses rose water. Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine uses rose water in sweets such as nougat, gumdrops, and baklava, and to flavor some types of Turkish delight (Rahat lokum).

In some parts of the Middle East, rose water is a common addition to lemonade. Iranians add a bit of rose water to tea, ice cream, cookies, and other sweets, and in the Arab world, Pakistan, and India rose water is used to flavor milk and dairy-based dishes such as rice pudding.

Rose water is a key ingredient in India’s sweet lassi, a drink made from yogurt, sugar, and various fruit juices, and is also used to make jallab, a sweet and refreshing drink from the Middle East, and gulab jamun, a favorite Indian dessert. Rose water is also a traditional flavoring for marzipan. Americans and Europeans put rose water in baked goods until the 19th century when vanilla flavoring took over. In Yorkshire, England, rose water is the flavoring for one of that region’s best loved dishes, Yorkshire curd tart.

Rose water is also frequently used in cosmetics. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and full of antioxidants, and it hydrates the skin, making it beneficial for all skin types and conditions. Often found in facial sprays, toners, moisturizers, makeup removers and masks, rosewater has homeopathic roots dating to ancient Egypt.

Just be sure, when buying beauty products made with rose water, that it is not mixed with drying or allergenic ingredients such as alcohols or synthetic fragrances. In India, especially in the winter, women mist their faces with plain rose water for its natural fragrance and moisturizing qualities – perhaps the best application of all.

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