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Portokalada Squash

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In the 1400s, monks tended oranges in the Royal Garden of Pefkou (it’s near Nicosia), so we know oranges have been in Cyprus for at least 600 years. And such oranges! We have our own Mandora (that’s Mandarin and Orange), perhaps the sweetest, juiciest citrus fruit there is, and too many other kinds to count. The Cyprus sun brings them to ripe perfection, and then we crush and bottle them – for you!

Pefkos is the Greek word for pine (the tree – not the feeling when you long for the place you used to know). The royal garden was a place of retreat for nobles on holy days and whenever the pressures of state became too heavy. This was a time of French rule; a chronicler of the time wrote, The masters of this country are the Franks. The Greeks and Armenians obey them and serve them as colonials; they have been reduced to servitude and pay tribute to the Franks. That French occupation began in 1192 and did not end till 1489.

They walked among the trees, listened to the song of caged birds, and kept tame monkeys there. And they listened to music.

Pierre I de Lusignan was known as Cyprus’s sun-king. He travelled in Europe for three years, and music was what he travelled for. When he came back to Cyprus, he brought French musicians and composers with him.

After Pierre’s death in 1369, Janus I de Lusignan (1374-1432) carried on the musical tradition. Up to his eyes in wars against the Saracens, the Genoese and the Venetians, he still found time to cultivate a unique Cypriot music culture – and one we almost lost all sight of. When his daughter, Anna, left the island to become the wife of Louis, Count of Geneva, she carried with her a manuscript that is, today, the only evidence we have of the music played at the Cypriot court at that time – every other trace has been lost.

Today, the manuscript is in the collection of the National Library of Turin. It comprises 159 folios in which are more than 200 compositions. The music is secular and it is sacred; Gregorian plainchant and ballads; masses and motets – and also music for dancing, such as rondos and virelais.

And the manuscript contains not just the music but the words – so we have hymns in which Christ is represented as a sailor, a reminder if one was needed that Cyprus is an island nation.

That is the music that the nobles listened to as they walked in the Royal Garden of Pefkou. And in our mind’s eye we can see those nobles of so long ago, picking for their ladies the glorious fruit that grew in the gardens – the oranges, grapefruit, pomegranates, tangerines and pomelos that were – and are – native to Cyprus. Though we can’t know for certain, it seems very likely that the fruit was also crushed to be drunk like sunshine in a glass. If so, we may be sure they loved it as a true delicacy.

And so can you. In the form of our Cypriot Portokalada Squash.

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