Orgeat syrup

orgeat syrup

Orgeat syrup

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In the days before refrigeration, orgeat was a version of the original almond milk. Most cow’s milk was made into cheese then as it kept longer, and while milk was great for baking, a less perishable substitute was needed.

Barley and later almonds, crushed, mixed with water, and then filtered through muslin, kept well and provided a similar ratio of fat to liquid. Eventually refrigeration made cow’s milk more usable and barley-almond milk fell out of favor, but not before a cordial was made using the same process with the addition of sugar and orange flower water; it was known as orgeat (pronounced “or-zat”), from orge, the French word for barley. Now orgeat syrup, with much the same ingredients (minus the barley), is a popular addition to cocktails and coffee drinks.

In Cyprus and on the Greek islands of Chios and Nisyros, orgeat syrup is also known as soumádha. Soumádha goes back to the Roman period on Cyprus – definitely before refrigerators. King Peter II of Cyprus gave it as an exotic delicacy to King Casimir the Great of Poland at the Congress of Kraków, held in Poland in 1364.

Orgeat syrup is made from almonds, sugar, and rose water or orange flower water. It’s almost like drinking trail mix! But orgeat syrup isn’t just a drinkable version of almonds. The flower water adds a delicately elegant sophistication. Orgeat has a strong almond flavor and is probably best known as a component of the Mai Tai. It’s also found in other classic drinks including the Scorpion, a Japanese cocktail, and the traditional French drink called the Momisette. You also may have seen it at your local coffee bar, as it is a fabulous addition to lattes and iced or brewed coffee.

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