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The oldest wine still being produced today, Commandaria may have been made as early as 3500 BC. During the Middle Ages and Ottoman rule, it was one of the most coveted wines in the world. It is a sweet dessert wine made in the foothills of the Troodos Mountains from both red Mavro and white Xynisteri grapes, both indigenous to Cyprus. They are picked at the point of perfect sweetness and then sun-dried almost to raisins before being turned into wine. Commandaria, by law, is aged for at least four years in oak barrels.

Commandaria is also the oldest named wine. In the Lusignan period the area where it was produced belonged to the Catholic Orders of Knights (La Grande Commanderie). Richard the Lionheart of England had seized Cyprus from the last Byzantine ruler and built a castle at Kolossi, where he and his new wife celebrated their wedding with the wonderful local wine he deemd “the wine of Kings and the King of wine.” Today, the Commandaria area covers 14 villages on the south and southeastern slopes of Troodos in Limassol district, with wineries in the villages of Kalo Chorio, Ayios Constantinos, Zoopigi, Yerasa, Lania, and Doros.

English explorer Samuel Baker described the production in 1879:

“…the commanderia grapes are collected and spread upon the flat mud-plastered roofs of the native houses, and are exposed for several days, until they show symptoms of shriveling in the skin, and the stalks have partially dried: they are then pressed…”

Though the results were so successful, he says the sun-drying was not by design:

“It has been imagined by some travellers that the grapes are purposely dried before pressing; on the other hand, I have been assured by the inhabitants that their only reason for heaping and exposing their crop upon the house-tops is the danger of leaving it to ripen in the vineyard. None of the plots are fenced, and before the grapes are sufficiently ripe for pressing they are stolen in large quantities, or destroyed by cattle, goats, mules, and every stray animal that is attracted to the fields…”

Today Commandaria is produced both by large corporate wineries and by small local producers of the Commandaria appellation zone.

Commandaria is best drunk chilled. Although it has a designated glass, produced in Austria, a glass for white wine works fine. It is most delicious with nuts, particularly walnuts, as well as dried figs, its classic companion, but will also thrill your guests served with pears and bleu cheese, and coffee. Dark chocolate is another ideal pairing.

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