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The foukou also Known as “cyprus grill” or rotisserie grill is the traditional charcoal grill used on Cyprus for making souvla (lamb or pork kebabs), souvlaki, sheftalias (meatballs), chicken, burgers, sausages, halloumi cheese (which doesn’t melt when it grills, and absorbs the delicious flavors of the smoke and grilling meats), seafood, and vegetables.

Foukous are versatile, easy to assemble and easy to use, a must for family gatherings, parties, and picnics. Use the large skewers for whole chickens (cooks up to six at a time) or souvlaki, and the smaller skewers for sausages, kebabs, and vegetables. 

Every Greek Cypriot has a foukou in the backyard. There friends and relatives gather around to give advice and cold beer to the chef while the rest of the meal comes together. Visitors to Cyprus walking by one of these gatherings often find themselves sincerely invited to join the party with the word “kopiaste.” It means please join us, we will treat you like family.

Cypriots learn at a young age how to keep the charcoal burning and get it to just the right temperature (announced by a whitish gray color) for grilling, and every family has their own techniques and recipes for perfect grilling.

Most barbecue shops in Cyprus make their own products, which vary widely in size and usage. You can buy a large one for a bring-the-family reunion, or a small picnic-table-top grill that will handle kebabs for a small group, and many sizes and configurations in between. All are portable: Two people can carry even a large one easily to your camping or picnic spot, and one person can easily handle the smaller sizes.

Your foukou will last for years if you clean it well after every use, then cover it and store it indoors. It comes with a motor to turn the spit.

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